About me, the artist, Solvor Leistad- @AllsidigeSolvor

About me, the artist, Solvor Leistad-  @AllsidigeSolvor

(Photo of me  welding is by photographer Lars Kristian Steen)

Art in two and tree dimensions

My head is like a constantly boiling pot of thoughts and ideas that have to come out in various forms of art. I express my self by poems, paintings, graphic art, photos and sculpturing. And of course through gardening and garden design. It all floats together in my natural way of life. I have strong opinions about mans act according to the local and globol environment. The eco system is the fundament for our existence. I constantly use my two- and tree dimensional way of art to beg us all to take care. Live simple, recycle and respect the wild life and see that everything is connected. Don´t kill the Norwegian predators just because they don´t fit in with the "sivilization". 

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Various - like the chaos in my head. I just have to vary the way I work. And thats what makes me be in progress and always develope my skills. 

So I weld old tools and iron waste, work with clay, strings or plaster, paint with acrylic on linen, water colors on paper, print my own graphic art, shoot the garden photos, create and reorganize my organic garden, which really is the greatest art of mine. All my different expressions of art connects like every piece in the chain of the eco system, which is exactly to the point.

Se også artikkel om meg i Adresseavisen (article and pics are many years old, don´t give neither the house nor the garden full justice now - everything is som much nicer now with even eight more years of my hard effort with this place)

This little video from my former garden made by the local newspaper in 2015 gives more justice to the garden